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Badlands and Mount Ripoff

Posted by on July 6, 2011

Day 43, June 28th

My dad had seen this V8 powered manure flinger …how do you think something like this up?

Motorized manure flinger

Saw some of the bad parts even before the park:

Outside the park Badlands

Inside the park it sure is a harsh area:

Badlands national park

They had a Bison area also ..huge animals:

Badlands national park bison

Did some of the gravel roads that can be driven through the area, we did have breaks here and there:

Still harsh lands

Went by Mount Ripoff as we started calling Mount Rushmore after paying $11 EACH for parking, same price as a car. Most of America sure discriminates motorcyclists forcing us to pay the same as a car, If I ever go here again someone else is paying!

Mount Rushmore

Day 44, June 29th

After spending the night in this Swedish blue and yellow room we had a transportation day to get close to Yellowstone:

Swedish room

We caught the corner of Wyoming:

Entering Wyoming

Did one of South Dakota also since we didn’t have any sign when entering:

Leaving South Dakota

And a little after Montana:

Entering Montana

Had some all yellow hills along the way:

Yellow hills

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