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Beartooth Highway, Yellowstone

Posted by on July 11, 2011

Day 45, June 30th

We slept in Laurel, Montana made it down over Red Lodge down to the Beartooth Scenic Byway:

Beartooth Byway

Chipmunks on a rest area:

Beartooth Byway chip munk

Amazing views:

Beartooth Byway

Still some snow left:

Beartooth Byway snow

Was quite cold up high and plenty of snow left:

Beartooth Byway

Made it to the Yellowstone entrance:

Entering Yellowstone

Alot of buffalo:

Yellowstone Bison

Also caught a black bear on camera:

Yellowstone Bear

Yellowstone river viewpoint:

Yellowstone Viewpoint

Visited the Norris Geyser Basin area:

Yellowstone Norris

Took the old gravel road up to Gardiner were we spent the night:

Yellowstone Side road to Gardiner

Day 46, July 1st

Started from Gardiner and back into Yellowstone. Plenty of water in the river:


Caught a Coyote with the camera:

Yellowstone Coyote

An area the fire wrecked havoc on:

Yellowstone Burnt Forrest

And catching old faithful in action, have some video photage also for later:

Yellowstone Old Faithful

And an Elk

Yellowstone Elk

Left Yellowstone and made our way to Idaho:

Entering Idaho

Ended up putting one $ worth of diesel fuel in Hilarys bike cause of this confusing pump, what handle is gasoline?

Confusing pump

But that didn’t cause any problems what so ever, luckily!

One Response to Beartooth Highway, Yellowstone

  1. Michelle

    yay for idaho!!!! sorry we missed you guys! hope you had some fun here. and just for future note….the green handle is always diesel. lol

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