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KLR’s Doohickey

Posted by on May 22, 2011

Day 5, May 21th

Apparently the KLR is famous for its “doohickey”, has to do with the tensioner for the chain driving the balancer shaft …it tends to break:

Broken doohickey

Luckily we got some help from Martin, bought one of the KLRs from him and he had good knowledge about it and we spent most of the day at his place fixing it, he had extra gaskets and a spare OEM doohickey from a previous change to a sturdier aftermarket part on some other bike and a new spring since the old one had seen better days, it had broken, found parts of it ..hopefully the rest was chewed up already and flushed out when changing the oil.

After alot of frustration I could fish part of the spring out

We still managed to go get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, not from the view point I wanted to get to since it was road constructions and we ran short on time since we were meeting up with Hilary’s brother for dinner:

Golden Gate

Meeting up with Dustin

One Response to KLR’s Doohickey

  1. Hilary

    Did you guys at least get to see the city somewhat or was it all wrenching?

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