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East Coast, Police, Heading Back West

Posted by on June 21, 2011

Day 31, June 16th

Another meeting with the law, partly cause of the missing plate and partly cause I was standing up to get some feeling back in my buttocks. But he was cool and let me go after looking at the title and my drivers license:


After that it was a pretty plain day until the last bit where we drove some of the Colonial Parkway and made it out Chesapeake Bay:

Chesapeke bay

Chesapeke bay

My dads bike had lost almost all the lights so we looked at that and quickly found the cause:

Blown fuse

Also found some broken hose having to do with the Cali emission crap, patched it with tape:

Busted hose

Day 32, June 17th

Trying to get to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge we ran into the law again. And this guy was no easy piece to charm since his sole purpose was to check plates having special equipment for it. And my argument that we were going to leave Virginia that day didn’t help much. He wanted to see all the papers and when Sweden wasn’t available on his computer he wanted my international drivers license also that he looked at for a quite a while before we could continue. Once satisfied he was very friendly and had advices on routes to take. He said we would be better off manufacturing some home made plate:

Police trouble again

Atlantic Ocean in the background on some break on the Bridge that also contains two tunnels:

Atlantic Ocean

Heading north along the Delmarva Peninsula we made it into Maryland:

Entering Maryland

Found a bigger more snappy turtle:

Bigger snapping turtle

Dinner was at some relatives we could stay the night at:


Cardboard, plastic wrap, duct tape and zip ties and voila a home made plate …this wont survive long:

Fixing temporary plate

Later we went for ice cream in Ellicott City some old rail road city:

Ellicott City

Day 33, June 18th

We started heading west again, riding smaller roads it brought us a little north into Pennsylvania:

Entering Pennsylvania

Saw this strange thing with a gas bottle by a pole with a hose going up and connection to a tube in the air …looked dangerous:

Gas on a pole?

Day 34, June 19th

Starting from Hancock, Maryland we rode the scenic by way:

Taking By Roads

We found John Stewart road:

John Stewart Road

Some have a plane on the roof:

Plane on the roof

Ended up on some gravel road we a tree blocking the path, had to take my dads bike around it:

Road blocked

Ended up being a locked gate at the end but it was also possible to go around, didn’t feel like back tracking after getting around this:

Road blocked

Found a cool reversed cement truck seems to be common but here we could get a nice picture:

Backward cement truck

Country road take me home! Well we did enter West Virginia:

Entering West Virginia

We pretty much just saw a steel mill:

Steel mill

Had some rain starting before we were going over a bridge into Ohio:

Entering Ohio

Amish warnings:


And the real thing, they seemed a bit camera shy tho:

Shy Amish

Found a place to park the bikes since it looked like more rain during the night:


4 Responses to East Coast, Police, Heading Back West

  1. Sharon Dagiel

    Looks like you guy’s have been busy since you left us. Have a great trip.
    Gary say’s hello.


    • Dirty

      Yes we have had a busy time, even ran into some rain last few days but we are resting up some now for a few days staying with relatives in Wisconsin. Heading out on the road again tomorrow.

      Was really great meeting you guys!


  2. Micke

    Kunde inte sluta garva när jag såg regplåten! bra jobbat!

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