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Grand Canyon

Posted by on May 27, 2011

Day 10, May 26th

After a night at a cheap motel a little to close to the road in Kingman we rode some along the historical route 66 bringing us by the Roadkill Cafe where we had a breakfast:


Not until here I noticed it had lost my license plate, looked back at the pictures last night and it must have come off around Hoover Dam, maybe along a rough side trail in Arizona near the dam going north.

Inside the Roadkill Cafe:

Roadkill Cafe

They had an old jail wagon outside:

Guess i might end up here

Found some tumble weed along a fence:

Tumble weed

And we made it to the Grand Canyon, and its BIG:

Grand Canyon Panorama

And deep, the Colorado river can hardly be seen down there, expect a lot of people tho, there are better places with not as many tourists also:

Grand Canyon

Further along the road you can get amazing view just by parking and stepping of the bike:

Grand Canyon

Took a shortcut on the way from the Grand Canyon and found this lookout tower:

Grand view lookout tower

The cabin at the top was locked but even just below it was a nice view, the edge of the Canyon could be seen:

Grand Canyon from Grandview lookout tower

Along the NF-307 as the side road was called we were able to see some wildlife:

Wildlife along NF-307

Ended up with some highway to make it back to Flagstaff, was very windy really exhausting conditions to ride in.

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