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Hoover Dam

Posted by on May 26, 2011

Day 9, May 25th

Did not have time to do a post about Death Valley and Las Vegas, will be added in the future.

Can say that it was hot and we just wanted to get a room in Vegas, ended up paying $150 for suite at Imperial Palace.

But we got some redemption this morning when we were able to cash out $300 from this machine:

Morning gambling

It was mainly to wait for the ice cream machine to get ready, I was ready to give up after we had doubled the $5 we had put it but then we didn’t know how to cash out really so my dad said keep playing, GOOD move:


After that a quick run around the car show at the hotel we stayed at, alot more picture on Flickr:

Imperial Palace Car Show

After that we checked out and got ready to head out, my bike died a little on me and it quickly got worse, had no idle and wouldn’t start unless rolling start.

One and a half hour on a parking in the shade of a trailer to take carb out and clean jet:

Bike trouble, no idle

Once that was sorted out and we could get moving we drove by Lake Mead on the way to Hoover Dam:

Lake Mead

Hoover Dam, a bit much tourists, people and police everywhere:

Hoover Dam

Break at some scenic view:

Break at some senic view

This night was spent at a more reasonable $25 Budget Inn, maybe a bit to cheap traffic was heard a bit much but I slept quite well.

Grand Canyon next!

3 Responses to Hoover Dam

  1. Hilary

    What happened to the motorcycle? Any worries it won’t survive the trip?

  2. Dirty

    Just a clogged jet, both bikes run great, just some debris in the fuel, will try to get extra fuel filters installed.

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