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Minnesota and South Dakota

Posted by on July 3, 2011

Day 41, June 26th

Got everything dried up and packed up and we are ready to leave Wisconsin:

Getting ready

Poor mail man having to look into this barrel every day:

Cool mail box, poor mail man

Found the Capital of Sweden also:

Stockholm, Wisconsin

Entered Minnesota:

Entering Minnesota

Reached 10 000 miles on my bike:

10000 miles

Having a break:


Stopped and talked to a guy and this kitten came around, just for you Hilary:


Day 42, June 27th

Plate is pretty much toast:

Plate wear

Travel at your own risk:

Travel at your own risk

Traveling these smaller Country Roads meant we only knew we entered South Dakota by looking at the GPS no sign or nothing:

Border line for South Dakota

Got some wild Turkeys on picture:

Wild turkeys

Some slab with big fields around it:

Long bent road

Plenty of hay balls around seems like they are going to waste?

Hay going to waste?

Another encounter with the law, but luckily this guy just liked the bikes using them back in the military and hardly ever saw them after that:

Friendly police

The heavy rains and snow melts had forced them to open the flood gates at this dam, they also had an entire park under water:

Floodgates open

Spending plenty of time on Country Roads we ran across some buildings loosing the battle with mother nature:

Nature is winning

The roads are simply an East – West and North – South grid that is long and straight:

More long straight gravel roads

Going out on this muddy field to get a picture by the tractor:

Big tractor

After getting up to speed it flung the mud off, my dad wanted to be in front while that happened:


Had to wait for some cowboys herding cattle across the road, got some thanks for waiting for them to finish:

Cattle being hearded

Got a tip about where to eat from the cowboy so we went there for dinner, just off the Highway near Draper:


0 Responses to Minnesota and South Dakota

  1. Tom Johansson

    Where you guys from? Noticed your Swedish flag on the bike.
    I did pretty much the same trip last summer round trip from Edmonton, Alberta.
    Excellent riding. Thinking of doing South Dakota this summer. but after Sturgis.
    Good riding /tj

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