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More preparation and shooting

Posted by on May 21, 2011

Day 3, May 19th

More preparation, we changed the oil in one of the bikes since we didn’t know when that was done last:

Oil change

Finishing installing the 12 volt outlet:

Odo before start

Did a short test ride, the intercom sure is nice and so far it works great!

Short test ride

Looked at were to mount the helmet camera, had some extra mount from the previous camera this kind was not included when buying it will get a review up on the new HD version but it looks really good and I liked the old one a lot, lens goes on the helmet and will have the recording unit in a belly pouch:

Installing holder for helmet cam

The evening was topped of with an Outlaw burger at a Texas style restaurant =)

Outlaw burger

Day 4, Shooting range

We went shooting, important to do if you have the chance while in the USA.

Our host could provide a nice selection from cowboy style:

Cowboy style

To more modern rifles:

Camo rifle

They had to do a seize fire in the middle of a firring round since two turkeys decided to cross the range, they might be even dumber then reindeer:

Seize fire sicne 2 turkeys walked into the range during firing period

One Response to More preparation and shooting

  1. Hilary

    LOL, insult turkeys AND reindeer in one go? Impressive! Love the burger, yummy!

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