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Sequoia Forest

Posted by on May 24, 2011

Day 7, May 23rd

We were lucky to be able to get hosted a little south of Fresno a little on the country side near the Swedish Village of Kingsburg, didn’t hear any Swedish around:

Hmm our swedish didn't get us far

Tried a nectarine we snagged from a tree along the way, but it was hard and a bit sour:

Fueling up and eating some nectarines we "borrowed" at a plantation

The farmland ended and turned into grassy hills as we got closer to the Sierra Nevada mountains:

Nice grassy hills

Plenty of predator birds in the sky, was plenty of ground squirrel also:

Predator bird searching for prey

Nick, we found Pondarosa your dad talked about:

Nick we found it

The view above Johnsondale:

View overlooking Johnstown

Found some plenty big trees:


We were also unfortunate to see a crashed bike being towed up from the side of the road looked pretty bad, hope the driver was OK.

Once we came down from the mountains we had to cover some distance in the high desert and it was very windy.

Have loads of video footage also but that will have to wait until I have access to a computer that can handle it and more time, might not be until I’m back home.

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