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Wisconsin, relatives and rest

Posted by on July 2, 2011

Day 38, June 23rd

Weather this day didn’t look good, can you see the light house?

See the lighthouse?

But we made it into Wisconsin:

Entering Wisconsin

So it was just a transportation to Marathon City where I have relatives that we could stay with, feeding us a delicious pea soup (nothing like the Swedish one):


Day 39, June 24th

We went to Wausau relaxing, seeing the new town square:

Wausau town square

Saw this junk / decorations outside some store …brrr:

Decoration or junk?

Also got hold of some nose spray to fight my stuffy nose.

Dinner this day was at the Grand Dane, great food, great beer:


Out in the Beer Garden they had live performance:

Live band out in the beer garden

Day 40, June 25th

Relaxing and catching up with the Internet since I could borrow a better computer, on the phone with Hilary:

Hilary on the phone

Some minor preparations for the following day like fueling up the bikes:

Fueling up

Dinner was a bratwurst barbecue mit sourkraut unt alles:


Finishing with this cute chipmunk:


Tomorrow its time to hit the road again!

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  1. Micke

    Inte snuslös iallafall?

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