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Wolfman Luggage, Car Show and American Ribs

Posted by on June 6, 2011

Day 17, June 2nd.

Since we were lucky enough to get hosted by a fellow Advrider member in Denver we started from there.

Wanted to get some more luggage and since we already had Wolfman Luggage on the bikes and it seems to be good gear we went by Longmont Colorado where it’s manufactured.

Just before getting there we were stopped for the first time about the missing license plate, we explained the situation and the officer was cool about it, took my information since he had to do some notes about all people he pulled over but let us go:

First talk with an officer

At Wolfman Luggage I added tank pannier to the other motorcycle and upgraded the tank bag I had.

Asked them to throw in some T-shirts also since we were all Wolfmanned up, they did and charged us for them so don’t expect to make any deals with them. Think that will be a wrenching T-shirt right away lost interest in advertising them, its enough that we use their gear that undeniably seems to be really good.

Wolfman Luggage

After that we meet up with a really nice lady that is second cousin with my grandmother so we are related, never meet her before.

Later that day we went up to Windsor where Good Guys had some car show with plenty of cars:

Good guys car show

We took some pictures by a nice car with wooden cabin since my dad is a carpenter and the owner came up and almost forced my dad to try sitting in it:

Good guys car show

Another beauty:

Good guys car show

Was a lot more see flickr if you are interested.

Also meet a fellow LC8 rider from Sweden there who was over to visit his sister living in Boulder.

Day 18, June 3rd

Was a resting day, no riding only meeting up with relatives.

Dinner was at a restaurant serving …KLR RIBS??


Had to try them:

Had to try some of them ribs

And someone ….GRR was nice enough to have the staff there bring out the fancy saddle and have me sit in it and have the entire restaurant go YIIIEHAAW since I was from Sweden and it was my first visit at the Texas Road House:

And being made a fool

Though I must admit it felt comfy compared to the KLR seat.

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