How To Plan A Road Trip On A Motorcycle

Hilary and TransalpWhat better way of spending time off than taking to the open road on your motorcycle and going wherever the wind takes you? For motorcycle enthusiasts, a road trip makes for a wonderful holiday as you can spend plenty of quality time biking as you explore a new country or area. However, there are a few things you should do before you take off to ensure you don’t end up completely lost or stranded by the roadside with a motorbike that has broken down.

Knowing Your Bike

Before you leave, you should learn the basics of motorcycle repair so that you can easily fix any minor damage or faults that your bike suffers on the road. You should put together a basic repair kit so you have the right tools if you do find yourself with a fault to repair or a wheel to patch up. It’s a good idea to have a few different types of wrenches for the various nuts on your bike, as well as a screwdriver and a tyre gauge.

Electronic and Paper Maps

Nowadays, many smartphones have map apps, so you can work out your route and find your bearings with your phone when you’re on the road, but it’s a good idea to pack maps or internet print-outs of your route in case your phone runs out of battery or you find yourself in an area with no reception or internet.

Deciding on a Route

When choosing a route for a road trip, always take the scenic route. Motorways don’t make for an interesting driving experience and don’t offer many places where you can pull over to admire the surroundings. Avoid roads that will usually have heavy traffic as you want your road trip to be an enjoyable driving experience. It’s also important to set realistic targets for each day. You won’t want to drive from dawn to dusk, so underestimate how far you will travel each day rather than overestimating, so you’re free to stop to explore if you feel like it. If you’re travelling with others, you should all agree on the route to make sure everyone gets to see what they want to see. Talking about this beforehand will prevent conflict later on.

Although you do need to plan a certain amount of your journey, leave room for discovery and adventure as your hopes for the trip may change on the road as you see what the area has to offer. If certain things don’t go according to plan, don’t fret – plans are not set in stone. The most important thing is that you enjoy the ride.

This article was written by Lucas O’Connor who always takes precautions to prevent motorcycle accidents when he takes to the road on his motorcycle.

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The Best Last Minute Gift

GoPro Hero3Christmas is just around the corner.   Have you done all of your Christmas gift shopping? I’m personally last minute, but tomorrow is pretty much the last day to get gifts online if you want them to arrive before Christmas.

The GoPro Hero 3 helmet camera is by far the best last minute Christmas gift that you can order online that is perfect for your loved one… Or you if you have some extra shopping money after purchasing your gifts!

The GoPro has been improved once more with the Hero3.  It attaches to your helmet or motorcycle and gives you excellent quality film of your adventures.

The black edition has everything you need for this amazing camera, including a remote control.  It is also new and improved to perform well under low light.

Anybody who rides is going to love this camera! You can check out some of the quality I got with the GoPro Hero2, and you can bet this Hero3 is on my Christmas list!

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Closed for the Winter

transalp winterI love the winter. Snow is so pretty, and I even get into some winter sports! But the worse part of winter is not being able to ride.

Yes, I could get spiked tires and heated elements.  But I would have to find someone crazy enough to ride with me. And I have enough trouble finding people to ride with in the summer!

So, just so you know, during the winter I won’t be riding much, and therefore I won’t be posting much either.

I will be updating the site’s pages with goodies for the new riding year. And I may find a useful guest blog post here and there to throw into the kindling for some interesting reading.

But just so you know, I’m alive, well, and will be updating this blog again soon. And I have some exciting plans in store for next years riding season!

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Are Dirty Bikes Street Legal?

street legal dirt bikeDepends on the street! Its interesting, moving from country to country, state to state, what constitutes a street legal motorcycle will change.  However, when you legally register your motorcycle, you will know then or there whether it is street legal or not. You will get your license plate!

When you purchase a motorcycle, make sure the title (the piece of paper that shows ownership) will tell you right away if it is a street legal motorcycle.

How to make a dirty bike street legal

Living in Montana, I know that here it is very easy to change a motorcycle that was sold as dirt only, into a street legal motorcycle. You need one mirror, and blinkers. Simple enough.  Montana is notorious for not having many laws. They only recently got speed limits on all the roads! (and many are still lacking signs).

California, on the other hand, it is near impossible to get a dirt bike street legal, and in the end not worth the effort turning a motorcycle that is not street legal into one that is.

Sweden, again, is a tougher country to make a dirt bike street legal.  In general Europe has stricter policies when it comes to, well, everything. In Czech, the style is to get your motorcycle approved for street riding, and then take off all the unnecessary parts  🙂

If you really have this questions, I’d recommend to find the solution before you make a purchase. Call your local DMV or vehicle register in your country. They are always happy to help! Once you find out the difficulty of making a dirty bike street legal, you can figure out how much it is worth it getting a street legal dirt bike.

Why should you get a street legal dirt bikeAre Dirt Bikes Street Legal?

There are pros and cons to both. For a motorcycle that is not street legal, you most likely will have a lighter motorcycle for the tracks.  Tires are easier to get, because you know that you will be just riding dirt.

I, however, love street legal dirt bikes. Sure, they are heavier. But you don’t have to own a trailer or truck to drive the motorcycle around in to your riding spots. You can use it to commute to work, which gives you something to look forward to every day. And, you can take long, off road weekend adventures on a street legal dirt bike. Turning it into a dual sport bike!

Yes, when my friends kick my butt on the small trails when we do trailer our bikes in, I do wish I had a dirt bike. But, when I know on the crazy adventures I can go on, both on road and off road, that wish floats away.

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Riding in the Czech Republic

Last week I was lucky enough to be in the Czech Republic, the place where I learned to ride and fell in love with riding off road. This time I couldn’t do some off road riding, but I did get to ride some great roads and visit some of my favorite places in the Czech Republic!

The ride I got to borrow? A Suzuki Freewind! Pretty good for a street bike I say.  Fast, upright and fun, I had a blast riding the Czech roads on this little beast.

Suzuki Freewind

We took the back roads up to Liberec, and once we reached Cesky Dub, which is about half way we decided to stop for lunch.  We ended up in this small pub and hotel, which had a great Czech feel to it.

Czech pub

The pub was surprisingly packed, and the crowd at once point broke out in singing! They were so busy they could barely serve us, so we headed out Jested, which has the best view of the Czech Republic by far!

Czech Republic from Jested

There we were finally able to get some food. Classic Czech goulash, my favorite!

Czech Goulash

Once we cleared our plates, we headed outside to get some more of the view.  B-E-A-UTIFUL 🙂

Great views in Jested

It started to get late and a bit chilly (maybe because we were on a mountain?) so we headed out.  Next stop was the biker cave! Yep, up here in Northern Czech Republic there is a famous biker cave.  During the weekends they have crazy concerts and parties.  During the day, just coffee, pancakes, and more! It was a blast and there were tons of bikers there.

 Biker cave

It was pretty amazing, they had a full bar inside the cave!

Cave Bar

Apparently they have some of the best pancakes around. So we got some.  And yep, they were delicious!

Czech pancakes

After we finished our desert and coffee, we headed out again.

First stop was a gas station. Geez, Itotally forgot how expensive gas was in Europe! And this Freewind needed a lot.  Full tank price? About $25.  Ouch!

While at the gas station, I noticed something in the background.

Gas station Castle

Yep, a freakin castle!

Just the ruins of a castle, but still. Only in the Czech Republic I say 🙂

Our next stop was a real castle, Kokorin. I’ve been to this castle many times before, and it brought back many memories. We didn’t do a tour, but just stopped to get an awesome picture!

Kokorin castle in Czech Republic

 Kokorin was a great end to a fabulous day.  Made me miss my first adult home, the first place I learned to ride, and all the great friends I have in Czech Republic!

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