Side stand relocation for the KTM 950 Adventure

Since its winter and cold ill add some of the old modifications I have made to the bike.

Enough posts on advrider about cracked engine cases to make me worried, so I decided to do a 950 side stand relocation..

First went with the bracket welded to the frame:

Went for a welded bracket at first

But since I didn’t have any brace underneath it felt weak and ended up in a kind of strange angle so I didn’t really like it.

Then another Swedish guy did some relocation bracket, he mainly made them to fit the SE but with the rear mounts for the skidplate it required a small modification to fit the Adventure, I was lucky and he made that and it fits great. Only downside is that it isn’t possible to add the dummy switch, might look at getting some other switch there to keep that function if i ever find the time for it.

Test fitting the bracket:

Bolt on bracket

Rear view

To keep the spring from flying away I usually try to fiddle a “cat strangler” in place just bend the foot peg up and tighten it to hold it compressed and let it be like that until mounting it back and then just cut the strangler:

Cat strangler to hold the spring

Sidestand relocated in a very satisfying way:

With stand up