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United States

USAUnited States Quick Facts

Population: 300 million
Language: English, Spanish
Religion: Christian
Currency: Dollar

Terrain: Mountains, desert, forest, flatland

Riding Months: April to November – some states all year round
Drives on the right
Visa Requirements for European Union Citizens: Depends. Online visa application may be required, but it is simple and quick.
Driver’s License for European Union Citizens: You need an International license, which is a simple translation of your current license

Traveling in the United States by Motorcycle

The United States consists of 50 states and spans across 9.83 million km2(or 3.78 million square miles).  The terrain varies depending on which state you are in, as well as culture.  So the best way to describe the U.S.A. will be to break it down by state.

While we try to focus on dirt roads, some countries, like the U.S., it may be hard to do mainly off road. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any off road fun for dual sport motorcycles.  We will find them and add them to the various states!