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Recommended Products

We love to ride. So if there is a new gadget, gizmo, or toy that will enhance our riding experience, we are all for it. Here is a list of some of the tried and tested motorcycle products and accessories that we recommend to our readers. A bit of a disclaimer, they are all linked to affiliate links. So if you like our site and want to help us out with a little pocket change, consider purchasing these products through our links!

HD Helmet Camera

GoPro Hero 2This camera is the best of its kind on the market right now. While the airodynamics of the camera isn’t perfect, the quality is superb.  It is easy to start and stop, even without a remote, and the GoPro Motorsports edition comes with various attachments, so you can attach the camera as a motorcycle mount or as a helmet camera.

You can purchase GoPro® HD Motorsports HERO™ Camera online for $299 (not including shipping). It doesn’t come with an SD card, but you can purchase them on their website. Just make sure you calculate that into your budget as well!

Check out the Dirty Motorcycle Adventure YouTube channel for some footage or read the full GoPro Motorsports review!


Cardo Scala Multi Set Intercoms

Cardo Scala Multi Set IntercomsWith a range of 1650 ft (or 500 meters) this set of intercoms are great for those long road trips when you want to communicate with your driving buddies. The speakers go comfortably inside your helmet, and on the outside you attach the remote.  You can turn the intercom on and off with the press of the button (in case your riding buddy is a tad annoying, you don’t have to listen to him all the time), and if you want you can listen to FM radio, or your mp3 player, or even answer your phone via blue tooth.

We have tested out this intercom system only briefly, and it passed with flying colors. Johan will use it on his motorcycle trip around the US with his father, so be sure to check back on how it fairs during the trip.

You can purchase the CARDO Scala Rider Q2 Multi-Set Communication System on Amazon.

Check out our blog posts about installing the Scala Rider communication system and our first test!


TomTom Rider Motorcycle GPS

TOMTOM riderWith my trip to Prague and around Europe this summer, because I’m on my own I decided that maybe I don’t need the stress of multiple maps. So I went for a TomTom Rider GPS.  These are made especially for the motorcycle as you can use the touch screen with your gloves on and it is completely waterproof. The GPS comes with everything you may need; night use, itinerary planing, trip statistics, headset connection, mobile connection, and more.  It can even record your location and your trips.

It goes great with the Scala Intercoms, if you want to hear what the GPS is saying. There is even an extra feature you can purchase which warns you when there is a safety camera, so you can drive more safely (in other words, when there is a speed camera, so you can slow down and avoid a ticket!)

Because it is a motorcycle GPS, it comes with an easy to install mount for your motorcycle.

For riders in North America, this GPS comes with Canadian and US maps, and costs only $495.

For riders in the UK and the rest of Europe, you can get the TomTom Rider for 300£ (333€) and it comes with the scala wireless headset.

Shoei Hornet Dual Sports Helmet

shoei hornet helmetBoth Dirty Adventurers have the Shoei Hornet dual sports motorcycle helmet as their main motorcycle helmet both on and off road, and they highly recommend it. The full face mask is great for street use, it has ventilation everywhere so you don’t have to worry about the visor getting fogged up. When you hit those off road trails, simply throw up the visor, add some goggles and you are good to go!

At only 3.4 lbs. / 1560 g it is super light weight (and trust me, when you have a day with hours of riding you won’t regret a light helmet!) And the interior padding is fully removable AND comes in different sizes. So not only can you wash and replace the inner padding when needed, you can also find the perfect fit!

The Shoei Hornet helmet has both DOT and Snell M2005 certifications, so you can trust that this helmet will keep you safe.  We also have the Scala Intercoms installed on these helmets and don’t have a single problem with the speakers or microphone.

In the U.S. you can find the Shoei Hornet helmet for around $495. In the UK and Europe the Shoei Hornet goes for about 330£ or 366€.

 Top Ten Motorcycle Helmets

Ok, I love the Shoei Horent DS helmet, but there are other helmets out there. Which is why I created this top 10 list. Woot! Which is your favorite?