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The best part about dirt bikes is the ability to travel places that a regular car or a Harley could not get to.  And getting dirty along the way!

Suzuki on dirty road

Between the two of us we have been to more than 15 countries.  And there are many more we want to check out. So these pages will be about the countries we have been to, our experiences, and the countries we plan on going.  I will try to put all the important information about the country as well as fun little facts and hidden places you must check out. But before any trip, make sure you have a motorcycle travel check list so you don’t forget anything important!

Traveling the World by Motorcycle

Albania – this country provides an amazing off road and cultural experience.

Croatia – some great mountainous riding and typical tourist beach towns

India – after this great interview with Soul Trails I’m dying to tour India on a motorcycle!

United States – Hilary’s home country, and with tons of national forests and parks, it is a great place to visit, even if off road riding may be somewhat limited.

These pages will be a work in progress forever.  So if you have something to add, please leave it in the comments field so we can all grow from everyone’s experiences!

Recommended Travel Products

There are not many products that we say are must haves when traveling. However once in awhile we come across something that cannot be left at home. Here is our list of products you will find extremely useful during your travels abroad.

Point It Book

Point It Book

One of our travel companions in Bulgaria, Nancy, recommended this book to us. It was so extremely useful, it is something we will never leave home without!  Never assume where you are there will be someone who speaks English. And never assume that the menus in all the restaurants you eat will have pictures on it.  Instead, bring this book, with lots of pictures, and point to what you need!

For only $10 this book is well worth all the trouble you could avoid!


Reise Know How waterproof maps

For those of you who like to do away with technology, a map is a necessity when traveling. We highly recommend Reise Know How Maps. These maps come in 4 languages, including English, and the best part is that they are rip and water proof! They cost about $15 on average (price change according to location) and are well worth it. I’ve personally used these maps for Romania, Bulgaria and Albania. Highly recommend Reise Know How Maps for your next trip!

Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains Motorcycle Maps

Are you heading to the smokey mountains in Tennesse/North Carolina, USA and want some motorcycle adventure? Then you have to check out Gary’s local maps (6 in total!) with all the great back roads around this beautiful national park.