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Travel Check List

Motorcycle TravelWhenever I have a big motorcycle trip planned, I’m always planning ahead. However, no matter how long I plan ahead or how much I think it over, I always have the feeling I’ve forgotten something. Until I made my travel check list!

Below is what we make sure to do before leaving for a long trip and what to have on our motorcycles, in our first aid kit, and on our person, when traveling.

To Check on the Motorcycle before Leaving

You always want to make sure your motorcycle is in top condition before going on a long trip. Make sure your motorcycle has had all its necessary maintenance and go over these things before leaving.

  • oil, change if needed
  • coolant, change/fill if needed
  • brake pads (will they last for the trip?)
  • chain, clean and adjust if needed
  • lights (headlights, blinkers)
  • tires, change if needed (will they last the whole trip?)

Motorcycle Tools for the Road

Nothing can ruin a trip then being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no means to get back on the road. Make sure you have a portable tool kit with these bear minimum items so nothing can stop you from traveling down the road!

  • WD-40
  • zip ties of all sizes
  • extra light bulbs for the headlight and blinkers
  • tire pressure gauge
  • tire tube patching kit
  • pliers
  • screw driver medium size, Philips and flat head
  • extra spark plugs
  • spark plug remover
  • spare clutch cable
  • monkey wrench
  • wrenches size 10, 12, or other standard sizes for your bike
  • extra bolts and nuts, various sizes
  • oil (depending on your motorcycle)

First Aid Kit

Nothing like a nasty fall or some bad food to ruin a trip. Make sure you have these basic first aid items easily on hand.

  • band-aids
  • bandages
  • gauze
  • scissors
  • tape
  • aspirin (or a similar pain killer)
  • anti diarrhea medicine
  • tweezers (a good pair)
  • nail clippers
  • baby wipes
  • anti-bacterial lotion
  • blister patches

Personal Items

The most important personal items that you need for your international motorcycle trip. Make sure all of your documents are accurate and up to date!

  • passport
  • driver’s license
  • insurance card (both health and for the motorcycle)
  • any visas or travel documents (make sure to check the country you are traveling too!)
  • emergency phone numbers (leave on your person in case something happens)
  • tooth brush
  • tooth paste
  • camera (pictures last a lifetime!)
  • USB memory (here you should have scan of your documents such as passport, driver’s license, manual for your motorcycle and back up your pictures. It would be terrible if your camera got stolen at the end of your trip, along with all the awesome shots you took!)
  • maps