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These are the off road motorcycles I love.

Suzuki DR 350

The Suzuki DR 350 I purchased in Germany and brought back to Prague for off road riding adventures. The DR350 served me well on my first long off road trip through Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo.  When I  moved to Sweden the DR came with me.

Suzuki DR350

When I found myself in Bozeman, Montana, and started thinking of a trip to Mexico, I just knew I wanted a DR350. Now it is just about finding one.

The DR was my first true off road motorcycle, and with some small modifications such as a lower rear and a larger, plastic tank, there is not much more I can ask for. I hope I can rebuild my new DR to what I had in Europe.


Kawasaki KLR 650Kawasaki KLR 650

These fun little numbers were purchased in California in 2009 for fun motorcycle trips while visiting the ‘rents. Unfortunately the first planned trip to Death Valley was rained out, so they weren’t used to their full potential.

Now that I’m back in the States I’m wrenching on these bad boys, learning the tools of the trade.  While this did get beat up in a 2 month trip around the United States that I was not on, I think it is a good excuse for me to paint it pink!

While the KLR is a pig of a thumper, it is still a pretty fun dual sports motorcycle.


Honda XL600V Transalp

I first tried out this bike in Prague when I was part owner for a motorcycle rental business. An amazing dual sports motorcycle.

When I was in Sweden I rode this Transalp down to Prague. While it is a heavy motorcycle, it is not so tall to begin with (and easy to lower), and it is perfect for the long highways.  It is also quite fun to take off road too! Unfortunately I didn’t get much off road riding in as I was on my own (and don’t like to ride off road alone in general). It was still a great bike for the trip!

Honda Transalp

And the 2 cyclinder engine I do miss. Why-oh-why is the Transalp not so available in the US?

HondaXR400Honda XR 400

This fun little motorcycle was purchased in 2009 for my first visit to Sweden.  As any chick rider will tell you, the true way to her heart is not through flowers, but through an off road motorcycle!

Johan even lowered it for the trip and while it was a bit tall for me it was a fun bike for the forests.

It was a kick start like the DR, but it was definitely not as easy to start!

And I do definitely suffer from short leg syndrome, as was apparent on this bike. You have no ideas how many times I tipped over just because of bad footing!

KTM 950 AdventureKTM 950 Adventure

This KTM 950 Adventure, also known as “Katie” is Johan’s motorcycle and a piece of beauty.

As an artist would, Johan formed his motorcycle into a machine of perfection.  Including an auxiliary tank, slipper clutch, LED lights to name a very few of the finer modifications and accessories.