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I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, in California, but moved to Prague, Czech Republic when I was 20. My grandfather rode motorcycles, and I remember riding with him around the drive way when I was young, but didn’t have a true motorcycle experience until 2006. I was taken for a ride and fell in love with riding – but I had no interest in being a passanger!

Hilary and her Suzuki DR350

The next year I got my motorcycle license and purchased my first bike, a Honda CB 500. While I did have fun on that little CB 500, there was something missing. I watched The Long Way Around during the winter and was hooked. I wanted to ride off road!

I then purchased my Suzuki DR 350, lowered it with some help, and fell in love with getting dirty! My first off road vacation was around Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania and Kosov, and it was a blast! Since then I have only wanted to go off road riding. My trip around Bulgaria, Serbia, and Romania was pretty amazing, but way too much tarmac for my liking (and my butt did not have fun on that DR with all the highways!.

I lived in Sweden for almost two years and got to experience some fun riding. But Sweden is pretty flat, and while the culture and riding and company was amazing, I missed real adventure!

Suddenly I found myself in Bozeman, Montana. I have a  KLR650 as my friend, and soon a new DR350 to join the team. Not only do I get to have a full summer of amazing adventure around Bozeman, but I am also planning a motorcycle adventure in October to Mexico!

Other Motorcycle Adventure Contributors:

Johan Karlsten is a founder of this site and wrote many articles on KTM 950 Adventure maintenance and modifications.   He taught me a lot about riding, adventures, and wrenching. He is now venturing on his own motorcycle blog and continues is crazy adventures in Sweden and around the world.