H.I.D Xenon lights

Another old modification I have done.

Was an impulse purchase since the British pound was low and I ordered other stuff and threw in H.I.D lights for both low and high beam.

All dual sport bike should have good lights!

A large punch to open the rubber covers:

Big hole punch to open up the cover

A custom bracket out of thin aluminum to hold the ballasts, its a tight fit but it works perfect:

Custom plate to hold the ballasts

Also installed a brand new reflector since the lens on my old was cracked but will save it for the vehicle inspections we have to do in Sweden and with Xenon lights it wont pass:

Brand new reflector next to old cracked one

Later it felt like a waste since this is close to midnight in the spring up north where I live:

Without lights

But it sure is a good bright change:

Lights on, doesn't get very dark at night up north where i live

But when ending up in a pitch black Bulgarian forrest it was worth every penny! Even to the point that I added some more lights to the bike also.

Here is a video only have low beam on, the bike didn’t charge enough on idle to keep both running, was slow driving cause of the other bikes having really bad light so we are going to add some better light to Hilarys bike also:

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