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KTM 950 Clutch Basket Replacement

Posted by on July 30, 2010

This will be a quite long post.

Started with draining the coolant, a garden hose and a bottle to collect:

Collecting the coolant

Hmm glad i dropped the hose while the bottle still was empty:

Hmm, bad move

Engine side off, and as usual i ripped the paper gasket so i suggest if u go this deep into the engine have a spare gasket at home.

Parts number for that gasket is: 60030025000

Right engine side off

Some graphite or something, clutch plate wear? If u know what caused this please comment and let me know.


1 more picture of it:

Graphite? Wear from the clutch plates?

Started removing some clutch plates, then went for the lock ring that can be seen:


Removing clutch slave to get pin holding push rod out:

Removing push rod

Inner clutch hub removed, was very easy this time since it was only torqued as my manual says to 130 Nm last time i had it apart:


Getting the needle bearing out of the clutch basket was a bit tricky but with two magnets and some wiggling I got it out:

With the bearing gone you can get it out:

Removing old basket

The new beefier CJ Design basket to go in:

New basket to go in





While I was this deep into the bike I checked up on the Oil pump.

So in with the new, and needle bearing, with some wiggling and pushing I got it in:

Needle bearing

Almost in place:

In place, a little to go

On with the washer:

Done washer in place

Inner clutch hub, discs another washer and finally the nut, 130Nm with loctite:

Inner clutch hub and plates in place.

A tie down holding the rear wheel and a high gear worked fine both for loosening the nut and tightening it back up:

Strap to hold rear wheel

Cleaned up that graphite stuff:

Cleaned this up

Push rod back:

Push rod back

Pin on the other side:

Push rod back in place.

Took out the clutch oil jet, with a hose and vacuum cleaner it was easy:

Clutch jet out

Drilled it out with a 0,75mm drill and put it back:

Clutch jet back in place

Bolted the left side back together:

Left side back in place

Cleaned the threads on the bolts holding the pressure place, since its so low torque on them i want clean threads for the new loctite:

Cleaning the threads.

Gave up here for the evening!

New day and my new camera have arrived:

Time to start

Left side was done so back on its side to work on the right side:

Bike on its side

Cleaned gasket surface on the engine:

Surface for gasket cleaned

Rekluse pressure plate:

Reklust preasure plate

Some wear in the middle:

Some wear

2,8 Nm to torque these up:

Low torque on these bolt

New gasket in place, very easy with bike on it side, otherwise a little grease on the engine part helps hold the gasket in place:

New gasket in place

Engine side back, and as usual I forget about the ground wire in the bottom right but don’t worry I found it:

Engine side back

Removed the gasket from the water pump to clean it up, the dentist torture tool is good to use:

Dentist tool for removing gasket

Water pump and exhaust back in place:

Exhaust and water pump in place

And forgot the drain bolt again, a bit hard to tighten with exhaust in place but not that bad:

And forgot about the drain bolt

With the oil I was able to reuse i filled up the oil tank and it was all the way up:

Oil and water filled.

So could start it finally, the new camera handles HD recording so tried a short movie starting the bike click the video to go watch the HD quality:

All bolted back up:


End with some pictures of the old basket, how long before I would have started loosing teeth on it?



And that was it for the clutch baskets replacement!

Hope you find it useful!

2 Responses to KTM 950 Clutch Basket Replacement

  1. Fred


    I’ve just read your tutorial. I have some issues with my RC8 engine, also must replace the outer basket. Got a few questions.
    What is the release directon of that center LC8 nut…I’ve done several attempts this week-end in right direction but center bolt didn’t gave away one mm.Fixed the center and outer clutch with an ebc clutch holding tool that I’ve bought on fleabay…that ruined the outer clutch basket meanwhile, breaking two teeths.
    And it all started with the simple job of replacing the clutch with a slipper clutch…but got struck with center bolt already. Bike was fixed on side in high gear, and clutch held with special clutch tool…center bolt didn’t gave away…so now I’m in doubt about the correct release direction…left or right??

    If that center clutch comes off…the next task is removing outer basket.
    …so glad I’ve found your tutorial, engine is bout the same.
    The technical manual states it’s all very pretty forward, but find out already it isn’t if not with the correct tools.

    Kind Regards,


  2. Dirty

    Its a normal nut, righty tighty and lefty loosy (hopefully the same for the RC8).

    First time I had that nut off I had the bike laying on its side and hight gear and locked the rear wheel with a strap around the frame. Had tried both electric and air impact tools, ended up with a very long extension on the wrench and had to lay on the floor holding my feet against the bike to stop it from rotating BANG, first thought the wrench snapped but it was the nut coming undone.

    Tightened to the 130 Nm and loctite when reassembling (the LC8 manual states that, after that no problems removing it).

    Really sad to hear about a broken outer basket they are not cheap, wonder if they are the same as the LC8 then there is an improved stronger basket available that comes out cheaper then a new stock as long as you send in the sprocket riveted to the back of the basket.

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