Rear Homemade Aluminum Tank

This I worked with early 2009 during the winter.

Got some good help with problems I had on advrider.

Had the rear spring out and had pulled the rear wheel up to see that I still could use the full suspension length and worked with cardboard to see what I could do:


Some bending and the welding I had help with from a local company producing aluminum trailers, main tank and top mount done:


Not a lot but it clears:


Had to cut a corner off and custom hammer a pieces and have welded shut so I didn’t have to cut the plastic:


Time to check for leaks …have a few so had to go get them welded back up:


Done, just fuel line left to hook it up:


Later had some trouble with fuel being pushed out through the air hole in the rear tank at highway speeds, that was solved with a one way valve.

First fill up:


And it holds 11,3 liters (very close to 3 US gallons) and since I aimed for above 10 liters I’m Happy!


Might not be the super good looking but I prefer function before fashion, and the added range is great, less worry about looking for gas stations!

Romania (25)


  1. Hi, you want make anoter of this tank for me?
    Or can give me, measure on mm, with angle; any face of tank.
    Or the project.
    Many thx

  2. Hi there!
    looking great this system!
    did you linked the extra tank to the orginal tank? and do you have carbs ( with vac) ? i want to be sure how you linked everything because i have carbs on my bike 🙂

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