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How to Winterize a Motorcycle

Dirty MotorcycleWhen winter comes and the roads get icy, and it is time to put your motorcycle away until nicer weather, it is always best to winterize your motorcycle.  Doing these small steps will help her start quicker in the spring and be fresh when you are ready to ride.

Wash that Motorcycle

We know our motorcycles love to get dirty, but you wouldn’t go to bed cover in mud, so why would you let your bike sleep in the winter in that condition? Just give her a good washing before you store her for the winter.

Take care of the Battery

If you are storing your motorcycle in a cold garage, it is best to remove the battery and move it to a heated location (such as indoors).  When you remove the battery, charge it with a [GeoTargeted to=”US”]battery charger[/GeoTargeted][GeoTargeted to=”CA”]battery charger[/GeoTargeted][GeoTargeted out=”US,CA”]battery charger[/GeoTargeted] before storing it away, to make sure you have a full battery for the spring!

If you are lucky enough to have a heated garage, you can just charge your battery in the motorcycle and leave it there over the winter.

Fill the gas tankSuzuki Gas Tank

So the gas tank doesn’t start rusting, it is always a good idea to leave the gas tank full.  Some people even put fuel stabalizer in the tank as well. If you feel the need to do so, do so.

Change the oil

Most likely your oil will need to be changed. Might as well put some fresh oil in her before leaving her for the winter.  Check the oil filter as well, if this needs to be replaced.  This way you won’t have to deal with prepping anything in the spring and you can just start to ride!

Check all the fluids

While you are putting her to sleep, do a check for any fluids that may need to be filled or replaced (brake fluid, coolant, etc).

Check the breaks

Check the brake pads as well.  Nothing is worse then being ready to ride in the spring and not have your motorcycle ready! The winter is a great time to get all of the great maintenance done.

Lift the tires

The tires can get a tad warped sitting on hard concrete all winter without moving.  If you have a center stand, put your motorcycle up on it for the winter so the wheels are off the ground.  If not, try to find a stand your motorcycle can go on.  If that is not possible, at least just put some wood under your tires so it is not on the hard concrete.

Cover (if not garaged)

Self explanatory.  If your motorcycle will be outside all winter long, at least do her a favor and cover her!


If you don’t want to do all this work, then I suggest just ride her all winter long! Why not! 🙂

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