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HD Helmet Camera

Hilary with the GoProGetting video while riding your motorcycle is a blast, but if you really want to take it a step up, you need to get a top notch helmet camera.  And they don’t come cheap.

After hours of research, I decided to go with the GoPro® HD Motorsports HERO™ 2 Camera.  This camera runs for $299 and has great reviews.

It has been the official camera of many high press sports events (they recently announced that GoPro will be the official camera of Global RallyCross Championship) and for awhile was the top camera for many motorcycle racers.

Not only that, but with the price tag of $299, it is not completely out of reach of every day riders such as ourselves. Its not a cheap camera, that is for sure, but it is a fun toy that you can bet will last a long time and give you amazing footage!



GoPro Motorsports Edition

First, let’s take a look at the GoPro® HD Motorsports HERO™ 2 motorcycle camera and what it comes with. Keep in mind that there are various GoPro versions. If you ride the motorcycle, you are going to want to get the Motorsport edition, which comes with the following:

  • GoPro Motorsports EditionThe camera itself
  • A waterproof case
  • A HD backdoor
  • 1 suction cup
  • 1 rechargeable battery
  • a USB cable
  • J- hook buckle
  • 2 curve mounts (for your helmet)
  • 3 flat mounts
  • 1 three way pivot arm
  • other mounting hardware
Now out of all of this I didn’t even need, but it was great that the option was there.  Something to keep in mind is the GoPro does not come with an SD card. Meaning you are going to have to shell out another $32 for a good SD card.  They recommend a class 10 and I got a 32GB to make sure I had room for all of my cool footage!
But keep in mind that the best part part is that this camera is both a helmet camera and a motorcycle camera!  With the GoPro Motorsports edition you will have everything you need to motorcycle mount your camera, or use it as a helmet camera

Video Quality

I’m semi techy. I know bigger numbers are better. For those of you that understand it, here are the tech specs of the GoPro® HD Motorsports HERO™ 2

1080p | 960p | 720p | WVGA
120 | 60 | 48 | 30 FPS
11MP 10 Photos/sec
170° | 127° | 90° FOV

What I love about the GoPro

  1. I love that it is easy to start and stop.  While I was looking for a camera with a remote, I really don’t need one with the GoPro (they are coming out with it this summer though).
  2. I don’t have to modify my helmet.  I use the suction cup, and while it comes off sometimes when I put my helmet down (probably because it isn’t mounted correctly), it never has fallen off while I was riding.
  3. It gets high quality video and has a variety of options. You can see example videos on the Dirty Motorcycle Adventures YouTube channel.
  4. It is very durable. I have no worries about crashing with this camera, the waterproof case is amazing and very stable.

What surprised me about the GoPro

  1. Battery life is surprisingly long, but never long enough.  I did have it run out on my while riding, which was a bummer because it was right before going on some great dirt roads! It was my fault, for I didn’t turn off the camera when we stopped for a break, and I took video all the time.  I’m going to have to buy an extra battery or get some way to charge it on my motorcycle.
  2. It is not very aerodynamic.  In the middle of the day when the battery did finally die and I took it off, I immediately noticed a difference! You can definitely tell the extra weight on your head, though it was mostly at high speeds that it really bugged me.
While not perfect, the GoPro® HD Motorsports HERO™ 2 is definitely the best motorcycle camera on the market today.
If you want to record your riding and get some amazing off road footage, the GoPro Hero 2 is definitely for you.