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Albanian Ferry – Day 6

We woke up in the morning slowly and got ready for our boat ride trip up to the city of Fierze. The sun is shining and the morning starts out slow, with people trickling in for the ferry, some even coming by boat.

We wait about an hour as more and more people come to the port. Soon the entire tunnel is completely full of cars. And in the distance is the ferry approaching.

I suppose nobody really thought how the cars in the ferry would be able to get out so other cars could get in!

For about 30 minutes the cars back up and make room for those departing. And in another 30 minutes the ferry is ready to start off on this already hot day and head to Fierze.

After we secure our motorcycles we decide to head up to the top of the ferry to check out the view.

What a view it ended up being! We were surrounded by mountains, and if you looked closely you could see houses where one would think no houses could be!

The river itself also was quite breathtaking.

Unfortunately the Albanians have no concept of what a trash can is. While there were trash cans provided on the ferry, nobody used them. Instead they simply threw the trash overboard, sometimes hitting passengers sitting on the lower deck if the trash was caught by the wind. A real pity as the shores of the river where slowly being destroyed.

After two hours on the river we see the port in Fierze on the horizon. With something odd curiously sticking out of the water.

As we become closer it is obvious what the object is…

A boat! Well, it is refreshing to know that we have made it to shore on this trip safely!

Debarking this boat is not so crazy as it was in Komini, though still not completely sane. We quickly start our motorcycles and head only a kilometer or so before we decide to stop to eat. Our waiter is a small boy who couldn’t be more than 10 who speaks excellent English and gives us excellent service. We order locally caught fish, which hit the spot nicely.

After we eat the boy gives us our total, 1050 leke, but tells us we only have to pay 1000 leke. Supposedly bargaining meals is a regular thing. We ask him where we can get some fresh bread, and he has trouble explaining it to us. So he offered to go get the bread for us! We give him some money and in 5 minutes he is back with a huge loaf of freshly baked bread. We leave him a huge tip despite his protest and soon we are off again.

Now we are heading to Bajram Curri, a much larger city but very poor. We do not stay long, simply change some more money, get water and gas, and head off to Shpella e Dragobise. We don’t get very far, we are all exhausted and tired of the dirt roads (we found ourself on another one). Radek’s clutch breaks, and as we wait for him to fix it we decide we do not want to go much further. Not too far of the road is a great camping site. The only problem? How to get the bikes there! Luckily we had two expert off road riders and both Mrazik and Radek are able to get their motorcycles safely to our little haven for the night.

Once we set up tent we are able to enjoy a very cold and quick bath in the crystal clear river near by.

I am so exhausted from our travels that at 8 o’clock I go lie down a bit and end up falling asleep until morning.

Next day is Kosovo