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Bosnia and Hercegovina and Montenegro – Day 2

Last time…

Sitting at the illegal boarder of Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina, we contemplate… should we take the risk and cross illegally? Or go back and loose about an hour of travel…

It is a hard decision… we see that it is possible to bring the bikes around, carefully…

In the end we decide to go for it! After all, we are here for an adventure!

Once we bring the motorcycles across, we follow the dirt road a few minutes until, out of the middle of nowhere, a highway appears. So we hop on and head down the hill. Not after one minute of riding do we reach a boarder crossing! At this point I was a little disoriented to be crossing another boarder, but it turns out that it is the boarder to Bosnia…when we crossed to the other side on the “illegal” boarder we were still in Croatia!

So after crossing the boarder legally, we start driving through Bosnia and Hercegovina in this farm land. Nobody seems to be around.

There are some people around, a dog barking at us here and there, as well as random abandoned houses with weird ‘Blaire Witch’ things hanging there…

After a few wrong turns, we find the right way and head up a mountain. There is not much to see, with trees all around us. Eventually though, we break through and we see a great view of Bosnia and Hercegovina.

We ride a few hours through Bosnia and Hercegovina, and I wish we could have spent more time there. Though you can tell the country is poorer than Croatia, there are beautiful landscapes that we continue to come across.

We head up more mountains again to cross the boarder over to Montenegro. Again, we are driving another breathtaking view.

At the top of the mountains, we reach the boarder and cross it with ease. As we head into Montenegro, clouds start to cover the sun shine and I get a feeling of sadness. The mountains we are driving down are bare, with little greenery and lots of white stone. Again, abandoned houses randomly scattered about, even on this main road towards Niksic.

Soon we reach another view point, where we can see the lake Slano.

Unfortunately it is very low in water, but still beautiful none the less.

We drive through Niksic, which was not impressive. A very run down and flat city, with a river that was full of trash and dead dogs lying on the street. While the people were very friendly I was happy to get out of there as soon as possible!

We leave the city but it is late, we have not yet eaten and the sun is starting to set. We need to find a place to stop and soon.

As we drive further away from the city, the area between towns becomes wider and wider.

After a few kilometers, we stop and ask if there is a restaurant or camp where we can eat and sleep. The locals tell us to keep going and we should reach something in about 10km, and we eagerly head that way.

Of course, even though we are eager to get settled for the evening, I can still find time to take a picture of the Cyrillic letters. Interestingly enough, even though I can no longer read, our Czech is still useful and somewhat understandable when speaking with the people of Montenegro.

We reach the next town and find a small pub. Exhausted, we pull over and ask. They say yes, we can sleep somewhere on the ground here. And while they don’t have food they let us bring our own food in while we drink their beer and some wine and relax.

Just in time to see the sun hitting the mountains, making a great picture!

After a few drinks, I am ready to pass out and sleep! So we ask where would be best. The bartender says that we could sleep across the street, in the yard of the house. Too tired to argue, we set up camp and go to sleep, not realizing where I would wake up in the morning…

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