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Croatia – Day 1

We leave Prague early in the morning, fresh and ready to go! After a 22 hours train ride we arrive in Croatia and sunrise with a beautiful view of Split.

We immediately hop on our motorcycles and head to Dubrovnik, Croatia, about a 160 km ride. The scenery is just gorgeous as we head down the coastal road with the sparkling blue sea on our left. The weather is perfect for riding and we have a long way ahead of us!

But we are not ones for all work and no play šŸ™‚ We decide to take a ride up a mountain top to check out the view. We pay a small fee to enter this protected national park and even going through the small forest at the foot of the mountain it is worth it. But once we break the forest, the mountain view is to die for.


There were so many off road paths breaking from the main road. Being on my DR350, I was very tempted to try them out. However, being in a protected part, I had to show my respect. After an hour and a half of nice twisties and scenery we make it to the top! And we are awestruck…

We were at the peak, at 1762m above sea level…

and we could still see the ocean!

After our little detour, we made our way back to the highway and continued on our journey towards Dubrovnik. We stopped on the side of the highway where there were fruit stans and a great view.

We brought out our little cooker, took off our boots, and enjoyed the scenery.

Afterwards we continued on our way. We passed through a small strip of land that is Bosnia. Their ocean was terrible, since they were land locked and only had this small patch in the middle of Croatia, they had all these boxes in the ocean, I supposed for catching sea food.

At this time there was a fire blazing, causing a major back up in traffic. We are getting tired, our arses are starting to hurt, and at about 10 km away from Dubrovnik we decide to stop for the night at a small camp not to far from the beach. As it is almost dark, we wait until morning to check out the beach…

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