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Last Days

We wake up early in the morning and quickly pack our things. We stop once more by the
restaurant where we drank the night before to have a quick breakfast. It is a bit too salty for all
of us but we eat up and head out on our way. Soon we reach Bosnia and it is a gorgeous day.

We are following a GPS which takes us on a little detour. We end up crusing around Bosnia more than we planned, but we see some abandonned buildings
and some old land mines!

As we past one city we see a bunch of old stones. I decide to stop and check it out. So glad I did! Turns out it is an ancient cemetery from Roman times!

After taking a few pictures we stop at a water hole for some swimming and fishing. No success with the fishing, but the swimming was great!

We don’t stay long as we would like to reach Croatia before night fall. We make it, find a little appartment to stay at in the town of Gradac, and have time to walk the beach at sunset.

In the morning we get a much better view of this costal village.

For the next 3 days we enjoy time at the beach…


and watching turtles have sex!

Unfortunately we have to head home home eventually.

We make it to Split at night before getting back on the train and heading to Prague.

All in all it was an amazing vacation! I can’t wait to find out what adventures our next trip will bring!