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Vagabond bracket and LED lights on the 950

Posted by on February 23, 2011

After being forced to drive at night in the pitch black on twisty gravel roads in Bulgaria I sure realize the value of a lot of light.

Had the H.I.D conversion already and that really saved the day …I mean night =)

So I wanted to add some lights that follow the forks when turning to spread some light to the sides.

Came across a really good looking bracket for that on Advrider and ordered the bracket and wiring harness from Vagabond Offroad

But ran into some problems installing them, first off the old style brake hoses on the early 950s with only one hose running down interfered but luckily I had brake hoses from a newer 990 that i could swap to.

Next problem was that it was interfering with my old style SW-Motech crash bars, that i solved by simply removing them. Have a set of extra tanks and use the set I bought extra that are already scraped I wouldn’t care so much if adding more marks on them and should I bust one its not the end of the world.

Wont work with old style SW motech bars

Already had a set of Vision X XIL-S1100 Solstice 2 lights to mount but had I not already bought these I would have supported Vagabond and bought a set of his Pyxis light.

Lights mounted

The instructions for installing his wiring harness are spot on. Only modification I did was extend the ground wire down to where the ground for the starter engine is:

Grounded down by the starter engine

Drilled an extra hole to mount the relay:

Relay location

And the switch for always on, always off or follow high beam next to the switch for my heated grips:

Black switch for lights

And they add some nice light, need to go somewhere that I can really test them out since up north where I live the summer nights are never really dark but this is what they look like in the garage:

20W LED power

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