Exploring the Bridger Mountains in Montana

Bridger Mountain Riding in MontanaWhen I landed in Bozeman, Montana, I had no idea about the riding area here.

Boy was I lucky!

Not only is there Pipestone & Radersburg, two riding areas about an hour from Bozeman, but there are tons of riding areas in my back yard!

And my new friend Paul is kind enough to show me around and kick my butt while doing so!

The first spot he took me up a trail designated for humans, dogs, bicycles and motorcycles.

Bridgers Trails Part I

It was a bit intense, and I was worried people would shake their fist at us, but everyone was super nice! Of course, I’m in Montana 🙂

Bridger Mountain Trails

The road was tough for me, single trail makes me nervous, plus the giant trees in the road were interesting to go around (I actually had Paul help me. I know, lame).

All in all it was a freakin awesome trail and I can’t wait to go back! You can check out the video too.

The next trail we went up was a bit easier. Not as narrow, and a lot less people.  Still awesome fun though!  And on the way there it was beautiful Montanan scenery.

Motorcycle riding in Montana

Along the way we even ran into some badgers fighting on the road. I got a great pic of one poking his head out of their hiding hole.


Again, I got more great video of the dirt trail (not as many pictures).  It included a river crossing and the gorgeous view in the first image. Unfortunately I started to get tired. Which means I started falling down left and right.  Time to go home!

And because I crash all the time, I made some crash videos. All the time 🙂 This has that great river (ok, stream) crossing too!

This past weekend Paul took me on some more great trails on the Bridgers, this time by Flathead pass.

Bridgers Flathead Pass

 The first trail we explored was really cool, and one Paul has never been on! We found an old mine and cottage up in the mountains, and the trail was tough but a lot of fun!

Mine on a dirt road

And again, the scenery was pretty awesome.

Suzuki DR350 Bridgers

Paul also had a fun time playing on a hill, that I was smart enough not to follow. He had a little tip over (when my camera was off) and had fun going down!

Paul motorcycle down hill

The second trail we went on was a lot of fun… but got the better of me! I ended up doing a full blown face plant, and a rock seemed to get through my helmet and hit my nose! Luckily I don’t bruise easily, and don’t tend to bleed much. But it still hurts and my hand is blue!

Suzuki DR 350 crash

You know what the best part of the crash was? We both got it on video. Oh dear.  I personally can’t watch it anymore, it tends to make my nose ache. But enjoy my pain!

I have to say, gotta love the GoPro Helmet Camera.  Makes it all worth it!


  1. Looks like some excellent riding. I live in the Bozeman/Livingston areas during the Summer months, and thus try to ride a decent amount (particularly in the bangatails, and slightly south of big sky). If you come across a guy on a big black KTM 505, that’s me.

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