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Kosovo to Montenegro – Day 8

We slowly wake up as the sun starts to shine on us and our motorcycles. The hotel staff was nice enough to let us crash outside of their hotel for free!

We order some breakfast and coffee and then slowly pack up our belongings to head back out to the open road.

As we wonder through Kosovo we try to find our way to the border of Montenegro. We decide we will head to Kolasin and get a better map and then decide from there. We enter the city in our GPS and let it take over. After about 20 minutes on one dirt road we reach a bit of a problem: rocks and holes made from grenades blocking the road… for cars at least!

Radek goes to check it out…

And as Radek and Mrazik decide what to do I take some pictures of the gorgeous view.

We notice a sign stating that we are leaving Kosovo… but nothing about not crossing the border.

After thinking about it some more, we decide to go for it. The GPS did say it was ok! We take the motorcycles easily past the “blockade” and head up into Montenegro. It was worth it, the view we got on this dirt road was spectacular!

At the top of the hill there was a memorial site, we figured it was for some war but were not sure which one.

And the other side of the mountain was just as beautiful!

There was also what looked like an old bunker. I personally wanted to go exploring inside but was persuaded by others in the party to not even think about it.

We head back down the mountain, seeing farmers here and there. Soon the road turns to asphalt, and when we have to stop due to a bee in someone’s helmet I take some more pictures.

We reach Kolasin and get some food and find a map. We decide to head on even though it is raining. Luckily it didn’t rain much and soon the clouds started to break up.

From the highway we were on you could see a nice view of some of the cities below, getting a real feel for how high up we were!

And I pause for a beauty shot.

Soon the highway starts to become smaller and has less and less traffic. When I see goats in the road I realize we are no longer on a highway.

We head to Savnik getting a bit lost. We end up in a residential area where the children were very interested in our motorcycles.

Deciding to go a bit further, we eventually find a pub for dinner. A man there says that we can sleep in his garden with our tents. I go to bed early, being a bit sick. When Radek and Mrazik make it later, Radek wakes me up to show me the stars. A most amazing site, as we are away from the city and there is no moon in the sky the stars are shinning brightly.  Another great day on our adventure!

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