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Montana Off Road

Montana received it’s name from all the mountain ranges in the state.  With little population (just over one million people) and a lot of space, there is plenty of riding to do in Montana.  Here are a list of some great off road riding areas in Montana.

Montana mountainsThe Bridger’s

The Bridger mountains are found just north east of Bozeman, Montana.  Not only is it known for the skiing of Bridger Bowl, but during the summer there are some great dirt roads people can take, including Iron Horse Trail, Flat head pass, and more!

You can read my blog post about exploring the Bridger’s for more off road riding in the Bridger’s.  Most of the trails here go one way.  And because they are located so close to Bozeman, the Bridger’s are perfect for a day trip.  I’ve even done trips before work!


The Tobacco Roots

Another great mountain range that is ready for off road riding exploring that lies just west of Ennis lake are the Tobacco Roots.  Try going up between Manhead Mountain and Queen’s Hill.  There are a lot of beautiful little cottages out there, and as you make your way up, you will run into snow if it isn’t the middle of summer.

I love the Tobacco Roots as they seem to take me back in time.  Everything around them seems almost ancient.


The Craziesstreet legal dirt bike

The Crazies lie behind the Bridger’s just north of Livingston and Big Timber. This is another fun mountain range that has rolling hills, rocky terrain, and lakes! A great place for camping during the summer if you are looking for an overnight trip.


Beartooth Mountain Range

As you start heading towards Yellowstone and Cooke City, you will find yourself surrounded by the Beartooth Mountain range.  I haven’t had a chance to ride these mountain ranges, but there are some amazing guides out there with off road trails, so you can bet this is on my 2013 to do list!  Download the OHV Guide to the Cooke City area.



Pipestone is a very large off road motorcycle track.  So large indeed, that you can get lost in it! So make sure you bring a map of some sort.  Many people drive for hours to take their off road vehicles on these tracks.  There are also some great geological formations here such as the singing rocks.

There isn’t much information published about Pipestone at the time of this writing, but stop by Whitehall and ask some locals. In Montana people are very friendly and are eager to help others out! Especially if you are bringing business to their town.



Radersburg hosts another track that is not as large as Pipestone, but just as fun! If tracks bore you as much as they bore me, don’t fret, as Raderburg also has some amazing trails heading up into the mountains.  Just remember to stay on public land and you are golden!  You can find the track off of Mill Road.

Suzuki DR 350 at Radersburg

After a day of fun in Radersburg.