KTM 950 Adventure Air Horn Installation

Another old modification.

Since I installed the Vagabond bracket the original horn interfered and it couldn’t be turned around cause of the ballasts from the H.I.D conversion.

Had a simple cheap air horn I had gotten my hands on since it was purchased to use the two biggest horns it came with for another application but the pump and smallest horn was left.


The kit below from amazon looks similar but only comes with two horn and I’m not sure that the horn is small enough to work where I located mine.

12v air horn


So I got rid of the original horn and started looking into installing this one, have seen several posts on Advrider about the Steble Air Horn.

But since I had the first kind already. The only place to add it I found was the front fairing.

After some testing where to locate the different parts I drilled a hole and used a bolt for the horn and a zipty for the compressor:

Air Horn in front fairing

Since this setup needs more power I used the cable that came with the Vagabond wiring harness to feed power to a relay controlled by the original wires for the horn.

And its really loud compared to the original even closed into the fairing.


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