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Top Ten Motorcycle Helmets

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One of the most important pieces of motorcycle equipment is the motorcycle helmet.  Not only is it something you will wear all the time when riding, it has the potential to save your life. But what should you look for in a motorcycle helmet?

One is the weight of the helmet, for a heavy helmet you will start to notice on the longer trips.

You also want a motorcycle helmet you can see through in all kinds of weather. Fogginess can be a real problem, especially during cold weather.  You also want something breathable, and you need to decide what kind of helmet you want. Off road, on road, both? Do you want a flip visor? Generally you will sacrifice weight for a flip visor, but they can be good as well.

Keep in mind that while these helmets are on the pricey side, your brain is not something you want to go cheap on. You do get what you pay for!

With these three aspects in mind, we will go through the top ten motorcycle helmets.

Shoe Hornet Dual Sport

Shoei Hornet Dual Sport

This is in the top ten motorcycle helmets at number one because it is my favorite. Not only is it light (at only 3 lbs 6-38 oz or 1549 g), it is great for all kinds of riding, both on road and off road. The anti fog shield is a must for the rain if you want to be able to see.

The interior of the helmet is removable, which is great for cleaning or using a blue tooth.

Goggles can also fit on this helmet without a problem, so when you know you are mainly going off road, you are set for a true enduro helmet.

This helmet runs for $459 (or £330 if you are in the UK) and is well worth it!

Bell Star Carbon

Bell Star Carbon

This full face motorcycle helmet is light weight as well at only 3 lbs 9 oz (1600 g) with its 100% carbon fiber shell.  Not only does it look super cool, but it can handle the cold and can even pass as a snowmobile helmet.

Because it is built for the cold, fogging up is not a problem. The visor is also anti scratch and has UV protection.

Again, for easy cleaning the interior liner is possible to remove easily.

It does have a hefty price tag at £450 or $649, but isn’t your head worth it?

Cafe Racer

Nexx XR1R

This is another super light weight helmet at 3 lbs (1400 g), as it should be as a racer helmet!  This helmets visor has the world’s biggest pinlock (the anti fog element), so you can be sure you can see at all times!

The Nexx Cafe Racer also has a very unique element; the ergo padding system.  This is a foam replacement kit that can fit the motorcycle to your exact head shape. Allowing for the most comfortable helmet you can find!

Noise, which can be a problem on many motorcycle helmets if the ventilation and aerodynamics are not properly set, is not a problem with this motorcycle helmet.

You can purchase it for $599, which is well worth it!

Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet

This is a great flip up helmet (where you can flip the bottom of it up).  This is useful when you go into stores or need to talk to people but don’t want to be rude and have them unable to see your face.

As stated above, this can sacrifice some of the lightness of the helmet. This helmet weighs in at about 3 lbs 14 oz (1800 g).

There is a vortex generator, which sounds very high-tech, and helps cancel out any wind noise you may experience while riding.

This helmet comes in at £469 or $596, but will keep your head safe and sound!

Shark Evoline

Shark Evoline Series 2 SharkTooth Helmet

This is another flip up, or double homologation helmet, giving you the option to open the bottom of it in order to eat or letting people see your face when you speak to them.  It is also possible to flip while riding!

The padding on the inside is removable, letting you clean it easily which can be very useful after a lot of use!

Unfortunately the helmet doesn’t cancel out noise very well, and ventilation could be better.

You can get this helmet for £299 or $392.

Arai Profile

Arai Profile

At 3 lbs 10 oz, or 1600 g, this is one of the more lighter helmets.  It has a unique oval shape, meaning it is longer front to back than side to side. This makes it aerodynamic, which is important in any helmet!

The shield has UV protection as well as an anti-fog element, making sure you can see on those cold, misty, and rainy days!

With 5 air vents, you can rest assured that you will have breathability in this helmet. Air vents can also help from fogging up the helmet.

The interior of this helmet is removable as well.  It also boasts a lower center of gravity for better balance and rider comfort.

While on the more expensive side at $638, this helmet is worth the extra cash!

Shoei Qwest

Shoei Qwest Neuron

Yes, another Shoei helmet on the list! This time the Shoei Qwest Neuron full face motorcycle helmet.

This helmet has good ventilation, and you can bet your head won’t sweat!  It’s cheek pads are also removable, so again, if you do sweat you can at least wash parts of the helmet.

The interior of this helmet is also eyeglass compatible, meaning you can wear prescription or sun glasses with this helmet.

Anti-fog pin locks are available on the visor, allowing you to see in all sorts of weather. But the coolest thing about this helmet? The pinlock racing sheets that are available. These racing sheets are for racing, and allow you to rip of a sheet for a quick clean.

This motorcycle helmet will only set you back £269 or $443.

Arai XD4 Helmet

Arai XD4 Helmet

The Arai XD4 Helmet is similar to the Shoe Hornet Dual Sport helmet, meaning that it is both a street and dirt helmet.

The interior can fully be removed for washing, which is important in any helmet, but especially in a dual sports helmet!

It also has larger vents compared to the earlier models, giving you more breathability.

This aerodynamic helmet will take you great places both on tarmac and off, and for only $539.

Shoei VFX Solid


Shoei VFX-W Solid

This off road helmet is a great addition to your helmet collection.

There is no visor that comes with this helmet, so goggles are needed.  You can easily purchase a visor and add it with three simple screws on the side.

The interior cheek pads of the helmet are possible to replace with different sizes, along with four different shell sizes and 5 different liner sizes, giving you that perfect fit.

You can purchase the Shoei VFX-W Solid for £359 or $429.

Bell Star Rally

Bell Star Rally

This street helmet is the last in our list of top ten motorcycle helmets. It includes great ventilation, keeping your temperature down during those hot days.

Using kevlar and carbon fibers, this helmet is also on the lighter side, weighing in at 3.6 lbs or 1.6 kg.  The interior is also removable (noticing a pattern yet), making for an easy clean.

It also includes an anti-fog, anti-scratch UV protector shield.

This helmet comes to $550, well worth it!


So these are the top motorcycle helmets. Please remember to make sure whatever you helmet buy is a perfect fit and something you can comfortably wear. And while the price tag may seem like much, this is to protect your head. And brain. So invest in a good one!

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