Cardo Scala Rider Multiset

So we bought an intercom to be able to talk after some reading online we decided on the Cardo Scala Multiset.

It came in a nice box:

Nice box

The parts are nicely packed:

It has two layers

Since it was bought in the US we needed adapters to EU plugs but the chargers can handle both 110V and 240V so they work all over the world as long as u can plug them in:

Neede an adaptor from US to EU power

So with the units charging we looked at mounting the base plates on the helmets:

Units charging

Took out the foam from the helmet:

The guts of the helmet out

How can u resist?

Use the inside!!?

The instructions are really good on how to mount everything here its with the clamp in place wires hidden under the foam and an included Velcro patch to hold the speaker in place the speakers have velcro to hook in place, it has speakers on both sides:

Velcropatch holding speaker

How the microphone is located:

How the microphone is located

The multi set is pre connected so starting them up we could directly start using them, tried connecting it through blue tooth with my phone and that wasn’t very hard either the instructions are good, walking around in the apartment they worked great.

Since its winter now and motorcycle is out of the question we tried them out on a snowmobile:

Great view

We needed to raise the volume up but they worked great and hardly and engine noise was carried over through the intercom.

Only thing we noticed was if breathing heavy it keep the line open. If we didn’t talk or breath loudly they closed the connection and started it up flawlessly when starting to speak again.

The distance we could be apart wasn’t very long maybe 150 meters but that was tested in dense forest we didn’t do any open area testing this time.

Cardo Scala Rider Multiset

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