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4th of July, And getting back home!

Posted by on July 17, 2011

Day 47, July 2nd

Started from Rexburg, Idaho, drove down to a lava field called Hells Half Acre located along I-15 a little north of Blackfoot.
They had made a really impressive walkway through the field, with information along the way:

Hell's Half Acre

Ended up on some dusty gravel roads going around Southern Big Butte:

Southern Big Butte

Southern Big Butte

We started being a little low on fuel so didn’t climb the Butte but got to meet some real cowboys that still used horses:

Real Cowboys

Made it out to Arco and arranged with a motel there and then went out to Craters of the Moon:

Craters of the Moon

Drove through the park, also a national park so our annual pass was valid. Pretty strange with a lava rock slope …full of flowers:

Craters of the Moon

Truly harsh land:

Craters of the Moon

Did some walk through a lava tube, a tunnel where lava flowed a long time ago, most of them had collapsed but some had stayed intact:

Craters of the Moon

Getting back to Arco we climbed a hill to get a good view over the town:

Arco hill

Panorama view over Arco

Day 48, July 3rd

Leaving Arco we had our aim set for the EBR-1:


Plenty thick lead glass where they worked with radioactive material:


We did the tour and it was interesting.

Now we had fueled up and tried to decide if going to the Butte and driving up on it or not, we finally did and I’m glad my dad pushed for it since he had to struggle a bit harder to get up but we made it:

Southern Big Butte

Really amazing views from up there:

Panorama Southern Big Butte

Us at the top:

Southern Big Butte

Part of the struggling was cause the rear tires were quite worn by now:

Southern Big Butte

Made it to a fellow advrider in Pocatello that we could spend 4th of July with.

Day 49, July 4th

My dad had a minor crash on the Butte and broke some plastic tabs so we fixed that with some zip ties:

Zipty fix

Later we went down to the city center to see the parade:

4th of July Parade

And in the evening they had some impressive fireworks, did some video recording and it turned out okay, this is the last part of the fireworks:

Day 50, July 5th

Started aiming back to San Francisco, from Pocatello we headed south west, came across this over sized 3wheeler:

Oversized 3wheeler

Snagging the corner of Utah, and got a view of the Great Salt Lake:

Great salt lake

Really dark clouds ahead, and we did run into a little rain but not much:

Dark clouds

Made it into Nevada again:

Entering Nevada

Had totally forgotten to get one entering Utah but it might not have been a big sign there either since we drove into Utah on some small road so we faked one exiting Utah:

Missed Utah so faking one going out

Day 51, July 6th

Nevada …long and straight roads:

Long straight roads

Did some miss, didn’t plan on any gravel this day but ended up along some road that ended with some mining company, luckily it was possible to continue and we didn’t have to backtrack but they warned us to look out for heavy machinery. Saw some but no good pictures, after them mining area quit we had some more long and straight roads but gravel now:

Long straight gravel road

Later we had a break for ice cream in Middlegate:


Hit 10 000 miles on this trip:

10000 miles on the trip

We did see a few whirl winds throwing some dust up in the air, biggest one was getting into Hawthorne where we spent the night:

Small whirlwind

Parked the bikes somewhat hidden, mostly since we expected rain and we had a shower before we went to bed:


Day 52, July 7th

Made it back to California:

Entering California

And since the Tioga pass was opened by now we took that road into Yosemite once more:

Beginning of tioga pass



Was quite a long wait by the entrance to the park:

Some snow left



Had a deer cross the road, got scared at first by a car so my dad had time to get the camera ready and get a photo:


Plenty of people out climbing:


Chain and sprocket on Hilarys bike is totally toast but we hope to make it back:

Badly worn out chain

And in Oakdale …not far at all left and this happens:


Nail pliers was sharp enough to grab the broken off part:

Nail cutters

And the clerk at the gas station knew about a locksmith just a few blocks away, needed to wait a little for a the guy who could do double sided keys:

Locksmith in Oakdale

After that we made it back to the San Francisco area without any more trouble, drove some really nice curvy roads through the hills of California:

Grassy hills of California

Day 53, July 8th

Started packing up and looking over the bikes some:

2003 KLR

My dad got a little blue from the small crash going done the Butte:

Lars ankle

Day 54, July 9th

We decided to go all the way out to the Pacific Ocean so we went a little north of out to the coast and drove highway 1 down and over the Golden Gate:

Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Golden Gate

In the evening we went out for beer in San Francisco:


Getting back the next day we drove through parts of the city, got stuck in some road construction luckily it was so cold we didn’t mind:

San Fransisco

Parked away the bike:

Bikes parked and covered

Lars was a little blue on his arm also from the evil Butte:

Lars bruise

Day 56 and 57, July 11th and 12th

Simply a long wait for different flights:

Long line at the airport

Having trouble with my USB memory being mistaken for something dangerous and needed to be pulled apart and re scanned, had some light that they wanted to swab searching for explosives in Germany.

Tired and worn we made it home safely, some heavy rain getting of the last plane.

All in all it was a very good trip!

Need to look over all the videos and do something more but bare with me it will be done as soon as I can!

3 Responses to 4th of July, And getting back home!

  1. Micke

    Fantstisk läsning!

    • Dirty

      Hade helt missat att du kämpat och kommenterat på bloggen, roligt att du tyckte om den, ska jobba lite mer på att få fram det bra från hjälmkameran också …mycket att gå igenom.


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