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Airplanes and bike preparations

Posted by on May 19, 2011

From the small airport in Skelleftea with its wooden traffic tower.

Lars outside the Skelleftea Airport

Landing in Arlanda Stockholm with one more connection in Frankfurt Germany
where we caught a glimse of my dads bag so this far the luggage is with us,
we didn’t need to collect and check the luggage in between flights.

Caught a glimse of Lars bag in Germany

Last flight was operated by United:

Will my helmet survive the throwers?

Towards the end of the 11 hour flight from Frankfurt to San Fransisco:

By the end of the 11 hour flight

At least the bag was there to be picked up after passing border control.

We had to give up some fruit from the travel food, they even found 2 mandarins we had forgotten we had.

So after close to 24 hours of traveling and out of those 14 were spent in planes.

We finally arrived at our destination in Walnut Creek, CA.

We were really tired but had beds waiting.

Day 2:

After a good night of sleep we got up and started to look at the bikes:

KLRs looking good

Started installing the racks for the Wolfman Luggage, fit perfectly:

Installing the wolfman luggage racks

Found some cracked hoses, one bike seems to have alot of extra crap, some anti smog stuff i would guess:

Hmm one hose has cracked and come undone

Installing some Xvision LED lights, had done the wiring already last time so it was a simple bolt on:

Installing extra LED lights

Both bikes needed jump starting:

KLR needing a jump start

Found the the helmet locks interfered with the luggage rack so we removed them, on one bike we were able to unbolt it on the other we simply cut away the piece interfering:

The helmet lock interfered with the luggage rack

Did a test attaching the luggage to one of the bikes they seem very well made and clever mounting:

Test installing the Wolfman Luggage

Hung up the rear end on the bike so we could remove the rear tire to have it replaced:

Hanging up the rear end to remove rear tire

After spending $700 at CycleGear:

Spending $700 at Cyclegear

We are getting closer to being ready!

One Response to Airplanes and bike preparations

  1. Hilary

    Awww, glad you guys survived! I wish I lifted the rear or the bike with the ladder, didn’t think of that!

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