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Eastern Tennessee, Smoky mountains

Posted by on June 17, 2011

Day 26, June 11th

After Nashville we continued east the most interesting first part of the day was some landfill:


Some bridge we crossed:

Bridge we crossed

Some old rock house where some president had visited at some point we didn’t investigate further:

Some rock house

Some viewpoint along the way:

panorama view

Day 27, June 12th

Here were going to ride some 3wheelers but Todd that was going to meet up at Coal Creek and lend us some machines had injured himself, a bit sad but hope he makes a quick recover, none of the people that we meet that knew him were surprised he was hurt.

Tried getting someone through some quad forum also to maybe guide at Coal Creek and we would have done some riding with the KLRs but that didn’t work out either so we did some smaller roads through Frozen Head state park.

Started the day by saving a turtle that was slowly trying to pass the road:


Had some evil dogs barking at us during the entire rescue.

Ran by this motorcycle campground is a dirt bike hanging in a tree a good or a bad sign?

Motorcycle place

Rode through some really great areas:


Since we were in the area of Dollywood we though we could get a look at it we didn’t have any plans to enter but it was impossible to get any view of it, this was the best we got:


We passed the border to North Carolina:

Entering North Carolina

Just 20 minutes before our destination for the day we faced our first rain on the trip, we took shelter at a gas station and waited out the worst and geared up for the wet:


Day 28, June 13th

Our hosts had humming bird by the feeder they had on their porch:

Humming bird

We had Gary, the man behind the Smoky Mountain Adventure Map, as guide for the first part of our ride south on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we only had two days to spend so we had to choose the best from the selection there is:

Blue Ridge Parkway

Plenty of great views:

Blue Ridge Parkway

We passed the highest point:

Blue Ridge Parkway

The night we spent in a small town called Robbinsville.

Day 29, June 14th

In the morning we had a room with a view? Some fellow Harley riders had parked the bikes under the roof by the wall:

Window with a view?

We did visit the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forrest we didn’t do the entire walk but still found it amazing:

Joyce Kilmer mem Forrest

Taking the Cherohala Skyway, doing a loop by the Blue Boar road that was gravel and nice, this brought us back into Tennessee again:

Back to Tennessee

Doing the Tail of the Dragon to bring us back over into North Carolina over Deal’s Gap, plenty of bikers:

Dels Gap

Have plenty of video from the helmet camera that I hope turned out good but that will have to wait.

We headed over to the Fontana dam:

Fontana dam

It was possible to take a back road from it.

Getting back north we spent some more time on the Blue Ridge Parkway:

Blue ridge?

Once back in Asheville we picked up a set of new front tires for the bikes:

Picking up new tires

Also went by Best Buy to get another external hard drive to have room for the HD video from the helmet camera since the one I brought was not nearly big enough.

In the evening we swapped the tires:

Worn out tire

Day 30, June 15th

Leaving the Asheville region we headed north along the Blue Ridge Parkway:

Blue Ridge Parkway

Going by Mount Mitchell:

Mount Mitchell

Panorama view from up there:

Mount Mitchell panorama

Found this great lookout point further up the Blue Ridge:

Blue Ridge lookout

We used the Blue Ridge Parkway up to Boone, there we got some directions from an old lady during lunch (that was drunk according to my dad) don’t think we got her directions right but it took us along some great road with plenty of Christmas trees:

Christmas Trees

We had some trouble ending up on gravel roads and onto some back road into some air field with some angry guy on a lawn mover yelling at us to turn back.

After all that we finally made it into Virginia:

Entering Virginia

Found this huge quarter stealer:


Think the lower layer was clad in rubber after some close examination you could see that it wasn’t metal as previous machines.

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