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Posted by on June 11, 2011

Day 22, June 7th, Arkansas

We still had one state to cross before Memphis, TN.

We had some nice smaller roads on the way to Arkansas:

Entering Arkansas

And we didn’t make it all the way to Memphis so stayed at some small placed called Hazen that seemed to be pretty much a big grain silo and little more.

Day 23, June 8th, Graceland

A little riding to get to Elvis home, was worried the Tennessee sign would be on the bridge but they had it after so we could get a picture easy, only one truck honked at us:

Entering Tennessee

After paying for ticket and locking the helmet camera away since there is no video recording allowed we got the head phones with a language guide and they helped us set it for …German? We had to ask to have it set for English, there was no Swedish available, a short bus ride across the street up to the house:


Very crowded and still it was early a weekday, wonder what the weekends are like?

Dining room:


Jungle room:


Part of his trophy collection:


Panorama view inside the racket house:

Graceland Racqethouse panorama

Memorial garden where Elvis and his relatives rests:


Then it was the car museum with some of his motorized toys:


And his planes:


The entire place is very touristy with guards and guides everywhere not what I like but it was still well worth a visit!

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  1. Micke

    Jag hade precis samma känsla.

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