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Lake Michigan and getting there

Posted by on June 28, 2011

Day 35, June 20th

Was pretty much a transportation day, quite early getting over a small hill and a big trailer blocking the road sure wakes you up:

Trailer just backed into the road

GPS directed us along some road that was closed off cause of this? Hardly enough to get the rubber wet:

Road closed cause of a little water

Plenty of different kinds along the road so felt we needed a close up of a road kill at some point:



Enter Indiana

More big machines:

Big tractors

Passing by the town of Mongo:

Town of Mongo

Spending some time on some gravel roads going through some swampier areas:

Nice swamp

Pure Michigan:

Entering Michigan

Day 38, June 21th

Since we slept close to the lake we made it out to get a lake view:

Lake Michigan

Was some seriously fancy houses in that area:

Fancy Houses

Drove by some steam boat museum:

Steam boat musem

Weather looked bad so we put rain gear on but it was a false alarm so we had to stop not long after and get it off:

False alarm for rain

First roller coaster we ran across a big park Michigans Adventure:

Michigans Adventure

Further up north along the coast we could see some dunes across the water, you could ride them but needed some pass and flags so it wasn’t for us this time:

Dunes on the other side

Some view point with binoculars and all but way to foggy to really see well:

Lookout point, to foggy to add money

Stayed the night in Frankfort right by the lake and went out looking for food but ran across a light house searching:

Lighthouse outside Frankfort

Temporary plate seems to have attracted some moisture inside the plastic:

Plate start looking bad

In the evening we had some heavy rain with thunder:

Evening 21th, heavy rain

Day 37, June 22nd

Plan for the day was to get around the top of lake Michigan crossing Mackinac Bridge, started quite rough with a wet partly washed out sand road:

Quite hard wet sand road

Really classy looking farm:

Fancy barn

Ended up going up on some detour up on some half island since we saw signs about some light house and we looked for something impressive …it wasn’t and it was a fee to get in since it was a state park it was a fee to get in and another had we done the tour so it was a total rip off:


But getting there had us pass this cool building that must have been the air traffic tower for a small airport:

Air traffic tower at small airport

Getting over the bridge was horrible dense fog and repairs forcing us to ride on the grid that made you hold the handlebar until the knuckles turned white:

Toll after passing the bridge

Driving down along the US-2 it was a little less foggy but we later ran into some rain:

Lake view lot

Gave up for the day in Manistique were we found this impressive lumber jack:

Big lumberjack

And a moose in a tux:

Dressed up moose

2 Responses to Lake Michigan and getting there

  1. Sören & Louise

    Hey! Very interesting pics, so nice so see what you’ve been done in the states! Hope to see you soon in Kusmark maybe, a cider? 🙂 See you soon mate! Take care, bisous!

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