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New Mexico and Into Colorado

Posted by on June 1, 2011

Day 14 New Mexico

Not that many pictures from today but have plenty of video that I cant add while on the road.

Highwayed it from SkyCity Casino where we slept to meet up with Hilary’s dad for a light lunch and some evil cats:

Monster cat

Later we meet up with a fellow ADVrider that guided us through some great twisty roads and some gravel, was a bit rough on my dad, and a bit dusty:

Canyon road

No pictures from the gravel but have great videos for when I get home.

Got some wear on the other most knobs:

Used all the knobs

Day 15 Into Colorado

Our host guided us to a lookout point near White Rock overlooking the rift where the land slowly separates:

By the lookout point over the drift near White Rock

The GPS tricked us into some back road behind some houses that was more like a dump and I caught a bed spring in the front wheel locking it up, rode very slow and didn’t fall but it was hard to get out:

Got a bedspring stuck in the front wheel

We took some roads Tim had suggested and they were great with amazing views:

Nice view

Had another bolt come undone, nothing a zipty couldn’t fix:

Lost a bolt holding this

Entering Colorado:

Entering Colorado

Since we didn’t have time for all of them we ended with a 100 km long straight through the valley in the south part of the Rockies:

Like a 100 km long straight

At least we started seeing some high peaks with snow still on them, more of that tomorrow.

One Response to New Mexico and Into Colorado

  1. Hilary

    Wow, great trip! I have to say I love seeing you guys go to places that I went as a child!! That is the America I remember and love! The Rockies are going to be great too, just you wait and see!

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