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Route 66 Museum

Posted by on June 11, 2011

Day 21, June 6th

We saw this big Route 66 sign going into Elk City, Oklahoma last night when searching for a motel. Looked up the hours and squeezed in a visit the next morning:

Museum in Elk City

The Route 66 part might not have been super impressive, but they had some audio tape running with information and different sections for each state it ran through:

Museum in Elk City

Its a small complex of buildings some was only window displays:

Museum in Elk City

Another part had furniture, clothes and other stuff, I was most impressed with the cool toys of old:

Museum in Elk City

They also had a agricultural section that I think was the most interesting, some of it was located outside:

Museum in Elk City

A lot more inside:

Museum in Elk City

How many different kinds of barbed wire does man need?

Museum in Elk City

And no that wasn’t all there was 2 more sections almost as big.

They had a blacksmiths section and some stable and maybe more also.

If you do go here plan to spend more then an hour but that was all we could spare.

Since we spent time at the museum we had to go with highways to meet up with a fellow 3wheeler

Meeting up with FlyingW

He had some stickers for us to pip out our rides:

Got some 3wheeler stickers on them

The night we could spent at some relatives living near lake Eufaula even an evening ride on the lake it was still warm …but they did have some quite large spiders down by the docks:

We got to see a quite big spider

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