Answer: Clean the Carb!

So two weeks ago I had a huge problem. My Suzuki DR350 wouldn’t start! I did a quick video, and tried a few things. I replaced the spark plug, but found out that the problem was…

a dirty, dirty carb!

Dirty Carb on the Suzuki DR350

So we opened up the carb and cleaned it out. Also, I found out that the jet, that should fall out so easily, was not easy to get out at all! There was some rust (green) on it, and it was completely stuck.  We pulled it out, cleaned it, and put it back in. Much easier this time, but I still ordered a new jet.

Cab jet Suzuki DR350

Thank goodness I did too, because over the weekend it got stuck again!  The new one was so slippery that it proved difficult to put in… Now that is how a carb jet is supposed to behave!

When she doesn’t get gas, Suzi is not happy!

I also invested in a good fuel filter for her. Now in the US I’m going to spend a little more and get more high quality fuel so this doesn’t happen in the future!

Love it that she starts right up. I think I will ride her tomorrow morning in fact 🙂



  1. Not to be rude but what you have there is not a jet it is a needle valve that the float pushes on so once the float bowl fills up and lifts the float that point closes the fuel intake into the carb.

    If stuck closed = no fuel!

    If stuck open = overflowing and fuel will spill out of the overflow hose.

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