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Answer: Clean the Carb!

So two weeks ago I had a huge problem. My Suzuki DR350 wouldn’t start! I did a quick video, and tried a few things. I replaced the spark plug, but found out that the problem was… a dirty, dirty carb! So we opened up the carb and cleaned it out. Also, I found out that … Continue reading »

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Suzuki DR 350 Won’t Start

Boo! I’m having trouble with my motorcycle, and asking for some help. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment. You never know if it will help someone in the future. I’m ready to ride and I’m bummed I can’t!

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Kick starter arm overhaul on the Honda XR400

The kick starter arm was somewhat loose and wanted to fall out so took it off, hard to see but the hole in the aluminum arm is oval: Measured the diameter: Brought it over to a place where I could borrow a mill, was a bit hard to rig it up to hold the arm … Continue reading »

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Replacing cranky high low beam switch on the Transalp

The high low beam switch was cranky and needed several pushes to work and that is annoying so we started looking into the problem by taking it apart: And what the insides look like, in the right part there is some hook that moves in some kind of plastic maze in the left part for … Continue reading »

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Broken bolt holding heat shield on the Transalp

Had a broken bolt holding the heat shield on the Transalp: Sprayed it a lot with some penetrating oil and the one bolt came out but was almost stripped of all threads: Freshened up the threads: Tried extracting the broken off bolt by soaking in penetrating oil for some time and heating and a reverse … Continue reading »

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