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Suzuki DR 350

Answer: Clean the Carb!

So two weeks ago I had a huge problem. My Suzuki DR350 wouldn’t start! I did a quick video, and tried a few things. I replaced the spark plug, but found out that the problem was… a dirty, dirty carb! So we opened up the carb and cleaned it out. Also, I found out that … Continue reading »

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Suzuki DR 350 Won’t Start

Boo! I’m having trouble with my motorcycle, and asking for some help. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment. You never know if it will help someone in the future. I’m ready to ride and I’m bummed I can’t!

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First Ride of 2012

New year, new country, new friends, new places to ride! Last weekend when spring peaked out, we went to a famous motocross track near Bozeman, Montana by Radersburg, MT.  It was a Saturday, but we were shocked that nobody was there yet! The best part… well, ok, the best part was riding my new Suzuki … Continue reading »

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New Suzuki DR 350

Woot! Today I got my Suzuki DR 350. Its a 1999, electric starter with 5,867 miles on it. I was lucky enough that the seller agreed to hold the motorcycle for me in exchange for a batch of cookies. Apparently he had to fight of some prospective buyers, I’m pretty lucky he kept his promise! And … Continue reading »

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Installing a set of Xvision Solopods on the Suzuki DR350

We have used LED lights previously and really like these small sturdy lights that take little power and put out amazing amounts of light. They are a bit pricy but so far they have a proven good investment never failing or acting up. On the bike its an aftermarket headlight that is lighter and less … Continue reading »

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